HASCO Commercial completes new Runway Seven women’s fashions store in West End Center!

HASCO Commercial completes a new local women’s fashion store in the West End Center. Runway Seven was Founded in 2008, there are currently 17 Runway Seven boutiques located in 7 states with the newest location being in Lubbock, TX at the West End Center located on Loop 289.  They offer a wide range of fashion forward products arriving daily from the LA fashion district. Since they are a boutique business, they keep only a few of each item so there is always something new and fresh to discover in their stores.  They have a thriving social media presence and stay well connected with their customer fan base by communicating on all levels with them.  They believe that the foundation of their success is in the hands of the people that open their boutique doors every day.   They thrive on the belief that happy employees make happy customers and the better they treat their employees, the better they treat their customers. We invite you to visit their new store in the West End Center.  HASCO Commercial is proud to be a part of the success of Runway Seven and wish them much success in Lubbock, TX and beyond.

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