Lubbock, TX the next retail explosion?

Many are asking what is going on in Lubbock, TX these days and why there’s a rumble of enthusiasm and economic interest in the dusty west texas land.  With a recent survey coming out that named Lubbock as the 6th easiest place to live in the U.S. based upon, traffic navigation, cost of living and favor ability to the millennials, there’s now a rumbling across Texas and beyond that’s not coming from underground but rather from the local and national retail and restaurant chains that are racing to this market.  National retailers and restaurant chains are not new to Lubbock; however, the increase in interest by so many different national chains is and that’s catching the eyes and ears of many in the real estate industry across the state and beyond.  When you consider the massive growth taking place in other parts of the state, including DFW, Austin and Houston, it’s not hard to figure out why people are no longer viewing Lubbock, TX as a dusty west Texas town!

Don’t look now but the quite west Texas town of Lubbock is quickly starting to look like the next area for a retail explosion that resembles the real estate boom that hit Collin County just north of Dallas in the 1980’s.  The dirt that’s been known here as farm land and urban areas on the north, west and south parts of the city are heavy on the minds of local and national developers; as well as, the retailers, restaurant chains, and the Texas Department of Transportation.

HASCO Commercial has been preparing for such a market explosion for years and is excited to be in the center of what could be the hottest real estate development and construction market in Texas in 2017 and beyond!

We are excited to be expanding the HASCO team and are looking forward to more exciting growth inside and out of HASCO Commercial Construction in the coming months and years.

The HASCO Team

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