Ambiance That Drives Profit

 Can the money you spend on renovation make you money? That is the question we have been asked when being involved in many retail, restaurant, and office remodels. We heard over and over, “this will drive or bottom line”. But how much does it drive the bottom line? Cleanliness, lighting, decor, and color schemes all figure in to the overall theme in an establishment. It can drive romance, serenity, or amazement. The point being the more emotional and experiential the experience the more buy in from the customer and the more repeat business. The truth is customers do not buy products or services, they buy emotions. Customers buy how a product or service makes them feel. Customers who buy apple products do so because its still cool and the products are great. They give wonder to people who buy it in droves. In the same way Walkon’s gives excitement and fun to their customers. They serve them great Cajun food and burgers and give them fun. What is it you are giving your customers? How can you increase the experience customers have while in your store, office, or business? What emotion do you want to give your customers? It could be worth big bucks to your bottom line. 
 In the same way the reverse can also be true. As buzztime reports ( 50% of customers who have a negative experience in a dirty restroom tell their friends and family. Word of mouth in a negative sense from friend or family members can cost you thousands of dollars per occurrence. If the store or office or restaurant itself is dirty, how much more do you think it is spread? When was the last time you went back to such a place? 

 What can you do to move your ambiance and experience forward? Focus on these things:


Color Schemes

Design and layout
Think through what your customers really get from your business. What emotion do you leave them with and design from there. Lighting can be romance, love, serenity, and peace. Pick the right lights when designing any space. Do not skimp when it comes to this. Retail lives and dies by it and so do restaurants. Employees out to much with migraines from the office? That’s right it could be due to fluorescent lights. Design the light around the right mood, atmosphere, and space. Be careful not to under estimate what you need. Decor and color schemes can add cool or warm touches. They can brighten or darken an area and bring the mood to the level you want. Again its about how customers feel in the space. Add decor and color schemes that exemplify the tone and mood you want to set. Design and layout or the flow of your space also has an important affect on ambiance. Have you ever hated the front check out at Walmart? This is exactly why Apple Stores don’t have one. Whoever is helping you checks you out. These design flows captivate customers and draw excitement from them. The design should flow seamlessly through a well coordinated thought out layout that takes your customer though the buying experience. 

 So what can you do now to update or add to you ambiance? Here at HASCO we have built our business around helping business owners just like you. We can help with all these areas of any business and help you make your customers beg you to take their money! If we can help in any way with a free estimate or consultation please let us know. Visit our website at or call or office at 806-785-1110.