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Ambiance That Drives Profit

 Can the money you spend on renovation make you money? That is the question we have been asked when being involved in many retail, restaurant, and office remodels. We heard over and over, “this will drive or bottom line”. But how much does it drive the bottom line? Cleanliness, lighting, decor, and color schemes all figure in to the overall theme in an establishment. It can drive romance, serenity, or amazement. The point being the more emotional and experiential the experience the more buy in from the customer and the more repeat business. The truth is customers do not buy products or services, they buy emotions. Customers buy how a product or service makes them feel. Customers who buy apple products do so because its still cool and the products are great. They give wonder to people who buy it in droves. In the same way Walkon’s gives excitement and fun to their customers. They serve them great Cajun food and burgers and give them fun. What is it you are giving your customers? How can you increase the experience customers have while in your store, office, or business? What emotion do you want to give your customers? It could be worth big bucks to your bottom line. 
 In the same way the reverse can also be true. As buzztime reports ( 50% of customers who have a negative experience in a dirty restroom tell their friends and family. Word of mouth in a negative sense from friend or family members can cost you thousands of dollars per occurrence. If the store or office or restaurant itself is dirty, how much more do you think it is spread? When was the last time you went back to such a place? 

 What can you do to move your ambiance and experience forward? Focus on these things:


Color Schemes

Design and layout
Think through what your customers really get from your business. What emotion do you leave them with and design from there. Lighting can be romance, love, serenity, and peace. Pick the right lights when designing any space. Do not skimp when it comes to this. Retail lives and dies by it and so do restaurants. Employees out to much with migraines from the office? That’s right it could be due to fluorescent lights. Design the light around the right mood, atmosphere, and space. Be careful not to under estimate what you need. Decor and color schemes can add cool or warm touches. They can brighten or darken an area and bring the mood to the level you want. Again its about how customers feel in the space. Add decor and color schemes that exemplify the tone and mood you want to set. Design and layout or the flow of your space also has an important affect on ambiance. Have you ever hated the front check out at Walmart? This is exactly why Apple Stores don’t have one. Whoever is helping you checks you out. These design flows captivate customers and draw excitement from them. The design should flow seamlessly through a well coordinated thought out layout that takes your customer though the buying experience. 

 So what can you do now to update or add to you ambiance? Here at HASCO we have built our business around helping business owners just like you. We can help with all these areas of any business and help you make your customers beg you to take their money! If we can help in any way with a free estimate or consultation please let us know. Visit our website at or call or office at 806-785-1110. 

Lubbock, TX the next retail explosion?

Many are asking what is going on in Lubbock, TX these days and why there’s a rumble of enthusiasm and economic interest in the dusty west texas land.  With a recent survey coming out that named Lubbock as the 6th easiest place to live in the U.S. based upon, traffic navigation, cost of living and favor ability to the millennials, there’s now a rumbling across Texas and beyond that’s not coming from underground but rather from the local and national retail and restaurant chains that are racing to this market.  National retailers and restaurant chains are not new to Lubbock; however, the increase in interest by so many different national chains is and that’s catching the eyes and ears of many in the real estate industry across the state and beyond.  When you consider the massive growth taking place in other parts of the state, including DFW, Austin and Houston, it’s not hard to figure out why people are no longer viewing Lubbock, TX as a dusty west Texas town!

Don’t look now but the quite west Texas town of Lubbock is quickly starting to look like the next area for a retail explosion that resembles the real estate boom that hit Collin County just north of Dallas in the 1980’s.  The dirt that’s been known here as farm land and urban areas on the north, west and south parts of the city are heavy on the minds of local and national developers; as well as, the retailers, restaurant chains, and the Texas Department of Transportation.

HASCO Commercial has been preparing for such a market explosion for years and is excited to be in the center of what could be the hottest real estate development and construction market in Texas in 2017 and beyond!

We are excited to be expanding the HASCO team and are looking forward to more exciting growth inside and out of HASCO Commercial Construction in the coming months and years.

The HASCO Team

HASCO Commercial completes new Runway Seven women’s fashions store in West End Center!

HASCO Commercial completes a new local women’s fashion store in the West End Center. Runway Seven was Founded in 2008, there are currently 17 Runway Seven boutiques located in 7 states with the newest location being in Lubbock, TX at the West End Center located on Loop 289.  They offer a wide range of fashion forward products arriving daily from the LA fashion district. Since they are a boutique business, they keep only a few of each item so there is always something new and fresh to discover in their stores.  They have a thriving social media presence and stay well connected with their customer fan base by communicating on all levels with them.  They believe that the foundation of their success is in the hands of the people that open their boutique doors every day.   They thrive on the belief that happy employees make happy customers and the better they treat their employees, the better they treat their customers. We invite you to visit their new store in the West End Center.  HASCO Commercial is proud to be a part of the success of Runway Seven and wish them much success in Lubbock, TX and beyond.

HASCO Commercial hires new Chief Estimator!

HASCO Commercial has hired a Chief Estimator and is pleased to introduce Steven V. Clowe as the new estimator and director of marketing and business development!  Steven joins us with over 40 years of construction experience that includes ground up commercial construction, interior and exterior finish out, large industrial and convention center renovations, high rise commercial and much more!  Steve will be assuming all estimating and business development responsibilities and will working hard to be sure you continue to “Experience Great Service” on every project.  Please join us in welcoming Steve to the HASCO Team!


HASCO Commercial completes WALK-ON’S BISTREAUX & BAR on time and under budget! Grand Opening set for first week of October, 2016!

How did WALK-ON’S BISTREAUX & BAR become ESPN’s #1 Sports Bar in America? What made Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and All-Pro Quarterback Drew Brees join their team as partners in 2015?

Here’s Their Story!

Our story begins on the hardwood floors of Louisiana State University’s Pete Maravich Assembly Center. Brandon Landry and Jack Warner, our founders and walk-ons for the LSU basketball team, played proudly for the Tigers, driven by the team camaraderie and their true love of the game.

During their time on the team, Brandon and Jack had amazing opportunities to travel and visit the best of the best restaurants and sports bars around the country. While they were lucky enough to be living one dream of playing LSU basketball, they were also beginning to create a new dream.

In 2001, on a plane ride home from a game at the University of Tennessee, the floor plan for Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar was drawn on the back of a napkin. Brandon and Jack submitted their business plan for Walk-On’s to one of their professors for a class project. The professor gave them a C, saying their idea needed some work, which only motivated Brandon and Jack even more. After six banks denied them a loan for Walk-On’s, the seventh bank finally agreed to help turn their dream into reality. Throughout the process of opening Walk-On’s, they discovered the ultimate non-negotiable they still abide by today: never stop trying!

During their years on the bench, Brandon and Jack learned that being a walk-on was a privilege, and even though they didn’t play much, they were just as important to the team as the star players. Legendary Coach Dale Brown taught them that everyone on a TEAM has one common goal: to win! Brandon and Jack took the lessons learned from the hardwood floors and brought them to life on the floors of their restaurants.

Today, our mission is to deliver a memorable game day experience with a taste of Louisiana for guests of all ages, created by great teammates and all-American cheerleaders. Our entire Walk-On’s team works hard every day to ensure every customer has a winning experience with great food, beverages, service and atmosphere. We thank you for your support.

Cheers to you and your dream!

Tell all of your friends and come out and join HASCO Commercial Construction for some great food and sports @ WALK-ON’S BISTREAUX & BAR!

Finding the Right Contractor

It’s hard to find the right fit when it comes to a general contractor. You want someone who is tough enough to get the job done, but someone who can listen to what you want and come up with creative solutions.  If you end up with someone not able to listen you will never end up getting what you want. On the other hand if you pick someone who isn’t tough enough to do the project who is just artistic, it will never get done.  Here are my sure fire tips to finding the right contractor for you and your business.

1. Do they listen to your ideas?

Ever feel like you are never heard? You are paying to much money not to be.  If they don’t listen at the beginning, they won’t listen at the end. Run for it and don’t look back!

2. Are they organized?

Have you seen many contractor trucks? Some are full of trash and stuff stacked a mile high. I’m not talking about the truck needing a wash. Every contractor could use that. I’m talking about the inside. Is it neat? This is your future. If the truck is a wreck on the inside so will your job be messy and unorganized.

3. Are they personable and friendly?

This may be the most important. If you don’t enjoy doing the project with the person your doing business with why do it? It is a shame to do business and be miserable. Do business with likable people because construction gets stressful. Things come up no one foresees . If you don’t like them it just goes bad from there.

4. Are they creative?

We all need a little value engineering. Who doesn’t want to save money? Here’s the deal. The more creative the contractor, the more money you can save. Value engineering is about thinking outside the box and coming up with great substitutions, ideas, and ways around problems. This is what separates the good from the great contractor.

5. Did you get a schedule?

I have no idea why contractors have a job without a schedule. You have to know where you are at all times with the project. If you don’t have anything to measure against you have no idea. In the end you plan to fail by failing to plan.

6. Do they have the right kind of supervision?

Do they have people on site all the time or part of the time? How much supervision does your project require? Make sure they answer these questions and get to know the project manager before the job starts if possible. The owner could be great with a cruddy employee who doesn’t do the above mentioned items.

7. Got paperwork?

One of the worst things about construction is all the paper work. I personally hate it so I hired someone to do it. A lot of people feel the same way, but during the job not having paperwork is a bad thing. How much was the change order? What are the specks on this finish or that? Millions of these questions and more go through the paperwork. As bad as it is it must be done. Do they have a tried and true method for the paperwork? What will you get at the end of the job? If you don’t get a book telling you what everything is and how to clean it and where you can order more, you need the paperwork and you’re not getting it.