HASCO Commercial is committed to providing comprehensive site safety planning on every project, to ensure safety, health, and environmental awareness by all parties. The HASCO Team has a clear-cut goal, and critical path to having zero incidents on our jobsites. Our management team in the field, and in the highest levels of our management provide consistent oversight, and accountability, to obtain our goals of a safe, and well managed project.

Our Site Specific Safety Plan is customized to the characteristics of the project, and provides a detailed checklist to provide direction, and specific safety measures to avoid accidents. Every project performed is supervised with specific execution plans and safety awareness to improve conditions, and reinforce the importance of site safety throughout the project, through weekly Tool Box and Safety meetings.

The HASCO Team is OSHA trained and certified to oversee safety performance, and manage every project with minimal lost-time accidents on an annual basis.

Safety First is our priority to maintain a consistent and relative safety program on an annual basis that continues to provide education, and promotion of safety, through accountability and basic procedures that are often overlooked or underestimated in their importance to every jobsite, and persons on that job.

Safety First is not just a “cliché”, it’s a way of life for all of us on The HASCO Team.